Welcome to the world of Carol Bellver.

Carol Bellver is a professional photographer living and working in Valencia Spain and in the province of Gelderland, the Netherlands.

She is specialized in child photography. Carol works for various child fashion brands and magazines. But she does more, you can also book her for newbornshoots, familyshoots, portraits, product photography, corporate photography and events.

Every year Carol does a few creative shoots (fine art). These shoots are carefully planned and well prepared. Carol has attended the art fair of New York and Florence with this kind of work. In New York her photo was the most looked at in the digital catalog and In Florence she won a 4th premium award. She will continue attending art fairs all over the world.

For her work in the Netherlands, Carol forms a team with Elroy Spelbos Fotografie. Go to his website here: http://www.elroyspelbosfoto.nl/.

Take a look at Carol’s work and enjoy her beautiful imagery. If you are interested in booking a shoot with her, contact us through the contact form on this website.